"Working with Keith has been such a positive experience! Besides for being so wonderfully positive and supportive which I really appreciate! I think the best part so far is having the eating regimen created by an expert like him. I've always had to figure out my menus by myself so of course I second guessed whether I was eating too much or not enough. And whether I was eating the right amounts of which macro nutrients . Inevitably when I would get hungry at night I'd think" maybe I need to eat something" now I know with confidence that If I just stick with the program it's going to work!! It's totally healthy and I'm getting the right nutrients and still burning fat. No guessing . What a huge gift! And so affordable! Same with the workouts! I also know once I hit a plateau I will have his expert guidance to take me to the next level. Last time when I was down to my last 10 lbs I was totally stuck, frustrated and ultimately fell off the wagon! The diet industry is so full of misinformation that it's no wonder people have a difficult time getting into shape. Keith will get you into shape in a healthy way and educate you so you can stay in shape!!"

Sarah Ingram

"If you are female over fifty and over weight this is the man to contact his ability to think out side the box is amazing I have never come across someone who can encourage and enthuse as well as Keith even with my challenges he manages to make sure that I am focused so that I am losing at a consistent rate, he is always at the end of a text or phone. I am so lucky that his good friend Chris introduced him to me and I will always be truly grateful formed all his help ."

Erica Mizen

"What an amazing way of life in have adopted by being sugar free, someone asked me today if I intend to stick with it, it never even crossed my mind to revert back to the old way of eating, poisoning my body with chemicals and preservatives. I feel happier and healthier than ever before. I feel honoured that I was able to be part of this process that has changed my life. Thanks Keith".

Alison King

"Keith unlocks the awareness and strength within with knowledge, motivation and support. You become re-educated and re-booted, break old patterns and habits. Nothing is ever too much and he is dedicated to you for the journey. He's changed me."

Mia Thomson

"I've been looking for a nutritionist since I became seriously ill in Dec last year...I found Keith... Messaged him a few times and he delivered a nutritional plan for me...I've been following it rigidly for three days I am already less bloated have more energy and feel this might actually work...he is massively supportive, encouraging and positive... I can't thank him enough for what he has done already.. If I feel like this after three days I can only imagine how I might feel after 12 weeks...you are a legend Mr C.. Xx "

Suzanne Ross

"Just a message for anyone who is thinking of joining Keith's wonderful weight loss for life plan I have only known Keith for a short while but in that time I have NEVER been so encouraged and supported by someone like him in my entire life! I have tried all kinds of diets, pills, and anything you can think of to lose weight over the years. Nothing has worked but since knowing Keith I have been re educated about food and for the first time I feel like a different person the advice, and support he gives is amazing! It's not just telling you the correct foods to eat but the positive attitude towards life he gives out amazing vibes and I have low self esteem but am now feeling much more confident and happy with myself he really has a magic about him I cannot praise him enough! If you want to change you life keith is the man that is why I call him Mr. wonderful!"

Carol Durrant

"If you want to be truly be inspired by someone that is a true blessing on this earth. Keith Cormican is not only someone I call a friend, but truly an inspiring individual that wants nothing but the best for you. When he speaks to you it's from the heart, and off the cuff. Keith when you speak I listen, and always will! "

Danny Mathenia

"If anyone is thinking about seeking help and advice for health, fitness, weight loss or just positive vibes look no further than this wonderful man, Keith Cormican. I have been to gyms, tried umpteen diets or weightloss fads only to stop exactly in the same place. ...and then I contacted Keith. Straight away I trusted the information and advice he gave me. You can see he knows his 'stuff' and genuinely wants to help you. I have asked so many questions and Keith has always replied in such an understanding manner and never once made me feel like I was being a nuisance. Since being 'under his wing' I have had so much more energy from following his nutrition advice and feel more confident about myself, which is a first, as my confidence has always been lowest of low. So a big thank you to Keith and if you're looking for help with nutrition, health and fitness, look no further, you've found your man......he's amazing x!

Jacquelyn Horton

“Thank you Keith so much for what you have done for my life. I am having a free day today. I ate my chicken  with salad.  I couldn't exercise on Monday and Tuesday I will do so on Wednesday.

I don't feel that I'm on a DIET (I hate saying it).  My eating plan did not make me feel as I was losing out which was good just a few adjustments. My doctors are very pleased with my health tests and they have never been better. Thank you so much.
Keith I now drink a lot of water. That was a great tip. I also I bought cottage cheese as you said for night time.
Thank you. You are the greatest  and first man ever who understands  and with your help I will succeed!  Thank you for being a legend to me. I’m sure there are many people that you help like me. They sure pray for you all their lives just like I’m doing.

Parween Ahmed

"I am so excited to be working with Keith, I have hope for the first time in 30 years.

I suffer with extreme dairy allergy and have IBS, I am 43 and 4 stone overweight which I have had for most of my adult life. In addition, I always cheat. I desperately want to be fit and I am very strong and fit and quite educated in nutrition but I seem unable to fight cravings, unable to refuse wine and give up crisps and takeaways late at night....My life is beyond stressful and although I think Keith has his work cut out with me, he has totally zoned into my weak points, my times of the day or week when I am likely to need support and although we have never met, I feel like he gets me and has supported me 110%. I still think my transformation will be tough and take me a while but I don't feel a failure with Keith and within weeks into this process I can feel my body changing which is amazing.

His tips feel personal and fit into my busy life and there is always and email or a text with some helpful ideas, for instance when I said I was always on the run, I got some handy recipes for quick lunches, and I also feel very motivated but the constant updates on facebook, especially, "thin girls look fit, but naked girls look FIT (or something like that) that is my goal to feel comfortable in my own skin and for the first time ever I feel like it is achievable and that is totally down to Keith."

Helen McFarlane

"Keith is full of energy and really supportive which is very important. He helped me stay focused and explore the issues holding me back on depth. I learned to be kinder and to work with, rather than against myself. I also learned some new techniques and approaches to looking after myself. I saw a lot more positive and relaxed about my health since being coached by Keith.

Keith’s energy and supportive approach as well as his focus on agreed visions and goals worked very well for me. His combination of common sense health and fitness advice as well as his indirect coaching style enabled me to find a comfortable and realistic approach to looking after myself. I feel a lot more positive and relaxed about my general health and fitness since being coached by keith.

Since his has coached me I have noticed much progress in my Life. I am more courageous…I am just more confident on the inside and out.

There are two words that best describe Keith. Passionate and Loyalty. He is a person that will stand by you through all of life’s uncertainties and he will bring an enthusiasm and incredible breadth of knowledge to the learning process. For someone who is looking for stability and an ambition to make lasting change, Keith is an exquisite guide.

Keith is an inspiring man with an abundance of good sense and positivity with which to impart his knowledge and wisdom not only about health matters but about life itself! Obviously the work had to be completed by me but with his dedication and enthusiasm as well as professionalism, this was achieved!

Do you want to work with a health coach that sees you as a whole person, with a real life? Keith believes in his clients, and stands beside them to help them find their way to wellness. He does this with grace, an amazing sense of humour, and a sense of what’s practical that can take you to a higher level of health and wellness. I recommend him highly.

Keith’s upbeat and happy nature is totally contagious. He is one of the most dynamic men I know, and his profound faith in the work and benefits of his health coaching is really inspiring. His approach is warm and understanding, yet fully professional, and his group presentation skills are excellent: I have witnessed how He manages to spread motivation and a positive attitude among the audience in all his talks.

I have always had great respect for Keith's professionalism and dedication, not only to his work and clients, but also to his own self- development which enables him to offer the latest methods for ensuring that he has great success with his clients. He is dynamic and passionate about helping others. He gets results!"Rajesh Dadia

Keith is what you have always been looking to start your new healthy life! From the moment I got in touch with Keith I have changed my life! I have tried all the diets that might exist but with Keith you get the real thing: not dieting but eating healthy and losing weight ! His passion and enthusiasm are incredible ! His support is "mad". Every day he encourages you, positives you because he believes in you and it s contagious! I did a 12 weeks nutrition plan and followed it to the letter because his plan is so easy to follow and taught me to eat and cook from scratch and really enjoy the food ! Keith motivates you all the way

,he is with you 100% and more. His knowledge of the body and nutrition is amazing!

Keith you are truly an amazing person who helped me and changed me for better. You are the best, friendliest and professional nutritionist I have ever met! Thank you for encouraging me and being with me all the way!! Xx"

Hassiba Djebbar